Ellen DeGeneres Did NOT Announce She’s Leaving Talk Show, Despite Report

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ellen DeGeneres Leaving Talk Show May 2016

By Shari Weiss |

ellen DeGeneres Leaving Talk Show May 2016


Ellen DeGeneres did NOT announce she’s leaving her talk show in May, despite a report circulating online. Gossip Cop can confirm the story is actually a hoax.

On a website designed to trick readers into thinking it is either People or Good Housekeeping, a headline reads, “Ellen DeGeneres Will Leave Her Show This May.” The accompanying story says, “Ellen DeGeneres recently announced she will be leaving ‘The Ellen Show’ in May to promote a new skincare line that was recently voted #1 by Dermatologists. The 58-year-old, who now appears to be aging backwards, says, ‘I went through a complete transformation with two of the best skincare products on the market called Rejuvolyte Anti-Aging Cream.'”

The article goes on, “Sources close to the couple tell us Portia, 43, encouraged her wife to take a leave of absence when NBC threatened to cancel ‘The Ellen Show’ because they wanted a younger looking host for better ratings.” There’s even a purported tweet from DeGeneres touting the skin care products.

But the message, like the whole site, is fake. The URL is “,” which is NOT the address for the Good Housekeeping website. Furthermore, despite the People logo at the top of the page, the spammy outlet has nothing to with the legitimate magazine. It’s all meant to dupe readers into buying the products offered. Don’t fall for it.


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