Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Kim Burrell Controversy With Pharrell (VIDEO)

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Ellen DeGeneres Kim Burrell Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ellen DeGeneres Kim Burrell Video

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell addressed the Kim Burrell controversy on Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Burrell called gay people “perverted” in a homophobic sermon she delivered last week. She then defended her anti-LGBT remarks in two Facebook videos. The offensive comments came days before she was set to appear on “The Ellen Show” alongside Pharrell, to perform “I See A Victory,” their collaboration from the Hidden Figures soundtrack.

Earlier this week, however, Burrell’s appearance was canceled. Now on today’s show, Pharrell joined DeGeneres solo, and the two candidly discussed the situation. The talk show host admitted she was unfamiliar with Burrell prior to this incident, but noted she “said some very not nice things about homosexuals.”

“I didn’t feel like that was good of me to have her on the show, to give her a platform after she’s saying things about [people like] me,” DeGeneres explained. Pharrell then said, “There’s no space, there’s no room for any kind of prejudice in 2017.” For that, he received applause.

Pharrell acknowledged that Burrell is a “fantastic singer,” but said people need to “get used to everyone’s differences and understand this is a big, gigantic, beautiful, colorful world, and it only works with inclusion and empathy. It only works that way.”

“Agreed,” DeGeneres said. “I say it all the time. To me, when I say ‘be kind to one another,’ I feel that, because as someone who has received a lot of hate and prejudice and discrimination because of who I choose to love, I just don’t understand how anyone who has experienced that kind of oppression or anything like that — it only gives me more compassion, it only gives me more empathy.”

Pharrell then told the audience, “Whenever you see something, whenever you hear some sort of hate speech and you feel like it doesn’t necessarily pertain to you because, you know, you might not have anything to do with that, all you gotta do is put the word ‘black’ in that sentence, or put the word ‘gay’ in that sentence, or put ‘transgender’ in that sentence, or put ‘white’ in that sentence.”

He continued, “And all of a sudden it starts to make sense to you.” In addition to the frank discussion, Pharrell also performed “Runnin,’ another song recorded for Hidden Figures. Check out the videos below.

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