Ellen DeGeneres “Favorite Humanitarian” People’s Choice Awards Video: Watch PCAs Acceptance Speech Here!

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Ellen DeGeneres Peoples Choice Awards speech

By Shari Weiss |

Ellen DeGeneres Peoples Choice Awards speech


Ellen DeGeneres received the “Favorite Humanitarian” award at Thursday’s 2016 People’s Choice Awards. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, DeGeneres’ honor was announced on Monday. The award is in recognition of work her with various charities. She is now the fourth recipient, following Ben Affleck (2015), Jennifer Hudson (2014), and Sandra Bullock (2013).

DeGeneres’ award presentation began with a tribute from Melissa McCarthy, who said she wanted to “publicly declare my love and admiration for Ellen DeGeneres.” She then noted that DeGeneres has been “putting love and kindness into this world” and “raised a staggering amount of money for charity.” In fact, McCarthy said the talk show host has raised more than $50 million for charity. Among the causes DeGeneres has supported and awareness for are abused and mistreated animals, domestic violence, survivors of natural disasters, global warming, world hunger, breast cancer, racism, and bullying.

McCarthy added that whenever someone is in need, DeGeneres is “the first to step in and help them.” She then showed a video of DeGeneres helping others out in the world and inside her studio. We see, for examples, that DeGeneres has raised $12.5 million for breast cancer, and after walking the streets of New Orleans, she helped collected more than $10 million for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. DeGeneres has also handed out more than $21 million on her show and inspired her home viewers to donate $35 million.

After the video, DeGeneres accepted the “Favorite Humanitarian” award with a speech that was both humorous and poignant. The talk show host said her program allowed her to “help people” and “get rich.” She also cracked that she’s sure people refer to her as the “daytime Mother Theresa or Dalai Lama.” On a more serious note, though, she expressed that “kindness is an inate quality,” and that we all need to “be kind to one another.”

As part of the award, DeGeneres had the opportunity to select one philanthropy to receive a $100,000 donation from Walgreen’s. The comedienne chose St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. DeGeneres is a 15-time PCAs winner, and went into the night with the opportunity to tie the record for the most wins in the award show’s history, which she did when she won Favorite Daytime TV Host once again.

Check out the video below of Melissa McCarthy’s introduction of DeGeneres, footage of her charitable acts, and the talk show host’s acceptance speech.


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