Ellen DeGeneres NOT In “Health Crisis,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Ellen DeGeneres Health Crisis February 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Ellen DeGeneres Health Crisis February 2016


Ellen DeGeneres is NOT in a “health crisis,” despite an alarming, but misleading tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the 100 percent false report.

The new issue of Star hit newsstands on Wednesday making it seem like DeGeneres is at death’s door. Using a photo of the host looping arms with wife Portia de Rossi as they go for a stroll, the magazine makes implies DeGeneres can’t walk on her own. The blatant sensationalism is the first clue the outlet is trying to manipulate readers’ perspective.

Inside, Star actually has the gall to use DeGeneres’ mother’s history of cancer as a reason to suspect she herself may now be ill. Quotes she’s given over the years about that and her own occasional issues are now regurgitated and twisted to present a doomsday scenario. The tabloid further points to the comedienne’s supposedly “shocking transformation,” even though she’s been fit and trim for years. “She looks terrible — I hear she’s down to 98 pounds,” claims a so-called “source” who says “there’s no denying that something is seriously wrong.”

Naturally, the gossip rag quotes a doctor who has never treated or even met DeGeneres, as if that should legitimately substantiate its allegations. The magazine even uses the “tragic health crisis” to cover up its own poor reporting. After falsely claiming time and again that DeGeneres and de Rossi were on the verge of a split, it’s now said that the supposed illness has kept them together. It’s a convenient excuse, but just more lies.

It’s actually pretty amazing that Star did a whole cover story about DeGeneres’ “condition” without ever naming what it supposedly is, instead using phrases like, “if it turns out she has a life-threating illness.” The tabloid simply wanted to grab people’s attention and spark unwarranted fear. But as anyone who tunes into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” each weekday can see, she’s perfectly fine.

The cover story also comes on the heels of sister publication OK! wrongly alleging DeGeneres’ drinking has become “dangerous.” What’s dangerous to Gossip Cop is spreading such scary information when it’s false. Thankfully, the host’s camp is able to take it all in stride. An impeccable insider exclusively tells Gossip Cop they’re laughing the Star story off, deeming it all, in a word, “ridiculous.”

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Ellen DeGeneres is in a health crisis.


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