“Ellen DeGeneres” Producer Andy Lassner, Sarah Paulson Haunted House: Watch Video!

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Andy Lassner Sarah Paulson Haunted House

By Holly Nicol |

Andy Lassner Sarah Paulson Haunted House

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

In keeping with her Halloween tradition, Ellen DeGeneres made her executive producer Andy Lassner go through the “American Horror Story” maze at Universal Studios in Hollywood. This time around, however, he was joined by one of the FX show’s very own stars, Sarah Paulson. Watch the hilarious video below of Paulson and Lassner from Monday’s show!

For years, in advance of Halloween, DeGeneres has forced her easily scared producer to walk through a haunted house. While Lassner goes in with the best intentions not to let the ghoul, ghosts, and zombies get the best of him, he invariably screams in fear as he tentatively encounters the scary characters. His trip with Paulson to the “American Horror Story” maze was no different. In fact, she was every bit as terrified as DeGeneres’ producer, especially when the two repeatedly encountered a bloodied knife-wielding pig and a number of paintings that terrifyingly came to life.

Of course Paulson’s fear should not have been that surprising, given how Paulson was scared by DeGeneres no less than three times when she was a guest last month. As Gossip Cop previously reported, the talk show host first frightened the actress by hiding in her dressing room bathroom and then jumping out. Then, as Paulson discussed the incident on the show, a man dressed as a witch crept up on her from behind and freaked out Paulson for the second time. And after DeGeneres assured Paulson there wouldn’t be anymore freaky surprises, a man in a clown costume popped out of a table placed between the actress and DeGeneres, prompting Paulson to mutter between laughs, “I hate you.“

As Gossip Cop noted, sending Lassner to a fright-filled attraction with a celebrity has become an annual event. Last year, for example, DeGeneres made her producer and Ariana Grande go through a haunted house. And in 2015, Lassner and Eric Stonestreet visited a Halloween-themed house. Check out the funny video below of Lassner and Paulson going through the “American Horror Story” maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights on Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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