Ellen DeGeneres Halloween Costume 2016: Host Dresses As Sia (VIDEO)

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Ellen DeGeneres Halloween 2016 Sia

By Andrew Shuster |

Ellen DeGeneres Halloween 2016 Sia


Ellen DeGeneres dressed in costume as Sia and performed “Chandelier” for the 2016 Halloween episode of “The Ellen Show.” Watch the video below!

“Happy Halloween, everybody! As you can tell, I’m Sia, and the problem is I can’t really see ya,” the talk show host said as she made her way to the stage dressed in the singer’s garb, including a black and white wig. “I made this costume myself. I found some old loofahs backstage. It wasn’t that hard to make.” DeGeneres continued, “And then the bow is from when I gave away a car, recently. Sia and I have a whole lot in common. She’s Australian, and I married an Australian, and we both like to swing from a chandelier, which is why I’m no longer welcome at Bed Bath & Beyond.”

DeGeneres then brought out Heidi Klum, who was dressed up as Sia’s backup dancer, Maddie Ziegler, complete with a nude leotard. “Not too many people could pull that off and you look fantastic,” the host told her special guest, who was happy to dress up for the talk show. DeGeneres added, “It seems weird that we’d be like this and we wouldn’t perform, so we should probably perform right now. We rehearsed for over seven minutes, so this should be good.” The two women then presented a spirited rendition of “Chandelier,” with DeGeneres lip synching the song as Klum showed off her interpretative dance moves. Watch the video below!


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