Ellen DeGeneres Asks Gwen Stefani About Blake Shelton “Popping The Question”

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ellen DeGeneres Gwen Stefani Popping Question Video

By Shari Weiss |

ellen DeGeneres Gwen Stefani Popping Question Video


Ellen DeGeneres asks Gwen Stefani about Blake Shelton “popping the question” on Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” but it’s not what you think. Watch below!

Stefani appears on the program to promote her new single, “Make Me Like You,” as well as her upcoming album. After talking about them at length, DeGeneres abruptly, and amusingly, switches gears. “Let’s talk about Blake,” she announces.

When Stefani suggests they not, DeGeneres quickly responds, “Okay, let’s just look at pictures.” And with that, a slideshow of Stefani and Shelton engaging in PDA begins playing behind them. The singer remarks of the talk show host, “She’s so good because you think you’re just talking to a normal person and then she’ll just throw one in.”

Then DeGeneres does just that. “So, when he popped the big question about you being his mentor, how did he do that?” asks the comedienne. Stefani, admiring the phrasing of the query, wonders if that was planned, and DeGeneres funnily reveals she did in fact rehearse it.

Of course, the question was really about Stefani’s upcoming gig as Shelton’s adviser on “The Voice,” and has nothing to do with marriage. Stefani answers, “I wanna be on that show as much as possible. That show — it’s hard to talk without laughing — I got so much out of it.”

That opens the window for DeGeneres to astutely quip, “You did.” Full of giggles again, Stefani exclaims, “You’re so good! You’re so good at your job.” Check out the video below!


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