WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Gives $100 Gift Cards To Tonight Show Audience, Plays Password With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

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Ellen DeGeneres Gift Card Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show

By Michael Lewittes |

Ellen DeGeneres Gift Card Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show


Ellen DeGeneres was a guest on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,” and gave every audience member of his show a $100 gift card. During Fallon’s interview with her, DeGeneres mentioned how she likes to give away free things on her show, and noted, “I find that people love to get stuff.” She then took out her purse, pulled out a gift certificate, and asked the audience, “What if I give you all a $100 Visa gift card?” The excited audience jumped to its feet, while DeGeneres naturally began to dance (video below).

After her interview with Fallon, DeGeneres played “Password” with Fallon as well as surprise guests Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon. For the game, DeGeneres was paired up with Fallon, while Carell and Witherspoon were their opposing team. The first password was “Booty.” DeGeneres hinted with the word, “Call,” and Fallon correctly guessed it. Next, Carell needed Witherspoon to guess “Soprano,” which she did after he gave the clue, “Tony.” Witherspoon then had the password “Blush.” She used the word “Makeup” as a clue, but Carell wrongly guessed “Revlon,” offending DeGeneres, who’s a spokeswoman for Covergirl. DeGeneres’ hint of “Rouge,” prompted Fallon to incorrectly answer “Ellen DeGeneres.” Given a second chance, Witherspoon said, “Cheeks,” which helped Carell answer “Blush.”

The final password was “Joint.” Fallon began by saying “Weed.” DeGeneres answered “Pot.” Carell gave the clue Spliff,” but Witherspoon said “Snoop.” Fallon then said “Rolled,” and DeGeneres correctly answered “Joint,” which was followed by more dancing. Check out the video below of DeGeneres giving away a $100 Visa gift card to each audience member and playing “Password” with Fallon, Carell, and Witherspoon.


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