Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Marriage “Going To Pot” Claim Is Fake News

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Ellen DeGeneres Fight Portia de Rossi Pot

By Holly Nicol |

Ellen DeGeneres Fight Portia de Rossi Pot

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A new report claiming Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s marriage is “going to pot” is entirely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can expose the truth. We’re told it’s “made-up.”

According to the often disproven RadarOnline, DeGeneres and de Rossi were locked in an explosive fight during a recent soiree at their Hollywood Hills home. In a so-called “exclusive” report, the outlet’s dubious insider ridiculously asserts that “the couple [were] arguing and yelling at each other in front of shocked guests,” until de Rossi “sneaked off to a nearby bedroom and returned with a lit joint.”

The website’s supposed “spy,” who even claims to have been “on the scene” at the event, goes on to purport that the evening turned into a “very awkward night,” but “everything got really mellow once the spliff was passed around.” “Some guests even had to walk through clouds of ganja smoke as they meandered through the party,” further contends the webloid’s questionable snitch.

But, as expected, there’s no truth to the outlet’s latest report. Gossip Cop, understandably doubtful of Radar’s bogus article, investigated into the claim, and a source close to the talk show host assures us the story is “100 percent made up.” From the made-up sources to the phony quotes, the entire report is laughable. Clearly, Radar is running out of ideas.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the outlet has fabricated a ridiculous and unbelievable story about the couple. Just last month, Gossip Cop debunked the repeatedly discredited site for falsely alleging DeGeneres was trying to “save her marriage” to de Rossi. And shortly before that tall tale, we corrected the webloid for wrongly claiming DeGeneres went on a date with a “mystery brunette.” Neither report was true, and as our readers have come to expect, this latest article is equally inaccurate.

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