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Earlier this year, several employees from The Ellen DeGeneres Show accused it of being a toxic work environment. Because of the shocking controversy, it was unclear at one point what the future held for the long-running talk show. Now, a tabloid reports Ellen DeGeneres feels her time on daytime TV may be over. Gossip Cop has looked into the story. Here’s what we’ve uncovered.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Losing Everything?

“Paranoid Ellen Fears The Worst: The Show’s Over!”, reads the headline for a new article by the National Enquirer. According to the tabloid, DeGeneres is in a state of "panic" and worries she may lose her program and her wife, Portia de Rossi. The paper states tipsters are "tattling" the shattering charges against the beloved host have “rocked her to her core” and has her believing she’s "on the verge of losing everything.”

Screenshot of Ellen DeGeneres making her apology on her show.

“Ellen is in the deepest funk of her life,” says the magazine’s insider. The unnamed source continues, “Most of her high-powered Hollywood pals have been ghosting her, and she's convinced there may be no coming back from this.” We should note that while the tabloid says DeGeneres’ friends have not come to her aid, several A-listers did defend the Finding Nemo star. Yet, the Enquirer further stated DeGeneres is “terrified” of what other horror stories may come out which could also drive her wife away.

Portia de Rossi Is Walking Out Too?

“She’s convinced herself Portia will find someone else and walk away,” the insider snitched. The paper’s informant adds de Rossi and DeGeneres have been in an “uneasy kind of limbo” but DeGeneres is “desperate to hold on and make things work.” The source concludes the story by stating de Rossi is aware of DeGeneres’ paranoia and has asked the host to seek professional treatment, which the former actress won’t stop harping on until DeGeneres "gives in."

Ellen's Apology And Where Her Show Is Headed

Gossip Cop can only imagine the amount of stress DeGeneres was under during this tough time, but The Ellen DeGeneres show returned for its 18th season on September 21st. Based on the ratings, which were more or less the same as last year, it doesn't appear the show is in any danger of being "done" as the tabloid's story claimed. If DeGeneres “feared” that her show was over, she wouldn't have returned for a new season, or take responsibility for the accusations against it. Additionally, a rep for DeGeneres has denied the story.  As for de Rossi, the Nip/Tuck actress has defended her wife amid the scandal, and the spouses are not in a “limbo” state. Gossip Cop has stressed several times that DeGeneres and de Rossi are not having marital problems.

More Incorrect Reports About Ellen

The Enquirer really shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to reports on DeGeneres as it was unreliable with its phony stories about the host. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid in July for asserting DeGeneres was quitting her talk show. Obviously, this wasn’t true, especially since we all just saw the actress back on her show. We also debunked another story from the paper that proclaimed DeGeneres was “declaring war” on Hollywood. The magazine insisted the comedian was going to take her celebrity friends who wouldn’t defend her, but as Gossip Cop pointed out earlier, various celebs have spoken out in support of DeGeneres.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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