Ellen DeGeneres Mocks Fake News, Russian Facebook Ads

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Ellen DeGeneres Fake News

By Shari Weiss |

Ellen DeGeneres Fake News

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ellen DeGeneres mocks fake news on Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She even jokes about being responsible for Russian Facebook ads. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, CNN has a new “Facts First” ad that seems to target Donald Trump. In the commercial, they use an apple to explain how even though some people try to distort the news, a fact can never be changed. The network makes the case by saying that no matter how many times you may be told an apple is a banana, it will always be an apple. Now DeGeneres decided to tackle the concept with some fruit of her own.

“Have you seen the new apple commercial? Not the one from Apple, the one CNN put out with the apple. Have you all seen this? This is a real commercial. It’s bananas,” the punny host told her audience. She then amusingly demonstrated, “So, this apple right here represents the facts. And this banana right here represents fake news. And all of this is in response to the things the president has said. He’ll be represented by this orange. And this pineapple represents Anderson Cooper.” While the orange may have been a self-explanatory joke about Trump, the pineapple was dressed up with a silver wig and glasses.

DeGeneres explained there might be some confusion because pineapple has the word “apple” in it but is not a banana, and then further duped her audience with the banana and a magic trick. “I hope we’ve learned something [on] what’s real and what’s not real, and I hope we learned a lot about fruit as well. This cost me $53 dollars at Whole Foods, you guys,” the comedienne quipped. But that wasn’t all. DeGeneres went on to bring up the controversy surrounding Russian parties allegedly using Facebook ads to influence the election. She admitted quite seriously, “I want to come clean about something.”

“Some of my Facebook ads were also hacked. In retrospect, I guess it was pretty obvious and we should have caught them,” DeGeneres said, revealing one of the ads for her furniture line said, “You will love Putin my furniture in your home.” She solemnly admitted, “I should’ve had that spell-checked… I’m so sorry about that.” And there was more. Check out the videos below!

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