Ellen DeGeneres Mocks Donald Trump’s ‘Small Hands’ (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Ellen Show Small Hands

By Andrew Shuster |

Donald Trump Ellen Show Small Hands


Ellen DeGeneres mocked a now-infamous moment from last week’s Republican presidential debate in which Donald Trump responded to Marco Rubio’s insinuation at a campaign stop that he has a small penis. Watch the funny parody video below in which Trump denies having “small hands.”

On Tuesday’s “Ellen,” the daytime talk show host asked the audience if they were keeping up with the presidential debates, and then noted, “To be honest, I don’t think the debates are really appropriate for anyone of any age. The last Republican debate, two of the candidates started arguing about ‘size,’ and I wish I was talking about egos, but I’m not.”

DeGeneres then introduced a spoof of the moment where Trump defended his “size,” but when the GOP frontrunner held up his hands and asked, “Are they small?” they were replaced with the hands of an infant. As Gossip Cop reported, Trump boasting about the size of his penis was also skewered on the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live.” During the sketch show’s cold open, Trump, played by Darrell Hammond, announced at the debate, “I have a great, big huge dick.” Watch the funny “Ellen” video below, in which DeGeneres mocks Trump’s proclamation about his “size.”


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