Ellen DeGeneres Inviting Demi Lovato To Live With Her After Overdose?

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Ellen DeGeneres Demi Lovato Live Together

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ellen DeGeneres Demi Lovato Live Together

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Is Ellen DeGeneres inviting Demi Lovato to live with her? A new report claims the talk show host wants to give the singer a place to stay amid her drug relapse. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

“Ellen Opens Her Doors To Demi,” reads a headline in OK!. According to the article, DeGeneres “wants to help [her] troubled pal… so she’s invited her to move in with her” and wife Portia de Rossi. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Ellen’s told Demi that their beach house is hers whenever she wants it. It’s close to nature and the perfect place to escape the pressures of Hollywood.” And the invitation supposedly isn’t limited to that Santa Barbara property.

The magazine’s untraceable source claims DeGeneres and de Rossi “also extended an invitation for her to stay at their L.A. place.” Of course, that likely wouldn’t mean “escap[ing] the pressures of Hollywood.” In any case, the outlet contends de Rossi “wants to introduce” Lovato to equestrian therapy, and the purported tipster maintains, “Both she and Ellen are determined to help Demi recover.” Adds the supposed snitch, “It’s no exaggeration to say Ellen adores Demi. It breaks her heart to see the singer this way.”

The bond between the two stars is not in question. After Lovato’s drug overdose was first reported last month, DeGeneres posted on Twitter, “I love @DDLovato so much. It breaks my heart that she is going through this. She is a light in this world, and I am sending my love to her and her family.” And Gossip Cop has no doubt she would do anything possible to help the pop star during this difficult time.

But why would staying at DeGeneres’ home be the answer? The former child star needs drug and mental health rehabilitation, which is why Lovato is currently in a rehab facility. At talented as DeGeneres is, it makes little sense for her to take on the responsibility of getting an admitted addict sober. The TV personality also has to return to production on “The Ellen Show” in a few weeks, which would limit her ability to supervise and assist Lovato.

It seems as if OK! didn’t think its premise through rationally. And while Gossip Cop is told DeGeneres would be willing to help Lovato in any reasonable way, our confidante confirms this narrative was made-up. It should also be noted the publication hasn’t been a reliable source in the past for information on any of the stars involved here.

More than a year ago, the tabloid peddled a story about DeGeneres and de Rossi having marriage problems, and even suggested the talk show host was struggling with alcohol. If DeGeneres supposedly has a drinking problem, it makes even less sense for Lovato to live with her. Meanwhile, this past April, the magazine falsely claimed Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama were back together and planning a wedding. While he did visit her in the hospital multiple times, they haven’t been romantically involved again, and time has proven they haven’t married. Time will also show she isn’t moving in with DeGeneres, either.


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