Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi “Breakup” Report NOT True

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ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Breakup

By Shari Weiss |

ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Breakup

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have NOT split, despite a tabloid story purporting to go “inside their breakup.” Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report.

The untrue article can be found in the pages of In Touch, which wrongly declares, “Ellen and Portia’s eight-year marriage is over.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “They’re splitting up their assets before making an announcement.” As proof, the magazine points to the couple putting one of their mansions up for sale, alleging it’s part of a “split settlement.” Claims the supposed source, “Not only will they not be growing old in what was once their dream home, but they won’t be growing old together, period.”

“They’ve been trying to keep it together. They’ve even had individual and couples counseling. But it seems that time has run out. For Portia, anyway,” contends the outlet’s snitch. The actress is said to feel “smothered” yet also “jealous” over DeGeneres’ “friendships with sexy movie stars,” like Kristen Bell. Adds the publication’s alleged tipster, “Ellen’s devastated, but she’ll do whatever it takes to end things as scandal-free as possible, and that means keeping Portia happy. In this case, money talks, and Ellen has a lot of it.”

Gossip Cop can’t help but wonder, however, if this is the same “insider” who in January said DeGeneres and de Rossi were “starting a family.” Or maybe it’s the one who insisted there was a DeGeneres – de Rossi divorce coming last fall. Actually, the perennially out-of-touch In Touch has been running contradictory stories about the couple for years.

In contrast, Gossip Cop has accurately busted each and every one of these tall tales, and our correct reporting has stood the test of time. DeGeneres and de Rossi have had no plans to start a family, but there’s also no plans to split either. Our trustworthy source says this “breakup” article is just more “nonsense.”

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