Ellen DeGeneres “Boss From Hell” Claim NOT True

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Ellen DeGeneres Boss From Hell

By Holly Nicol |

Ellen DeGeneres Boss From Hell

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Is Ellen DeGeneres really the “boss from hell”? According to a new story online, the talk show host treats her staff like “peasants.” Gossip Cop, however, can correct this claim. We’re told it’s “laughable.”

RadarOnline maintains DeGeneres’ reputation as the “Queen of Nice” is a “total sham.” In its latest article, a so-called “source” is quoted as telling the often discredited website, “Ellen’s public image is that of a sweetie who’s nice to everyone and is a real pussycat. But when the cameras aren’t rolling, she treats staffers as if they’re her peasants!” And after asserting she’s “manipulative,” the outlet’s supposed “insider” contends, “She picks and chooses people to be nice to when it’s to her advantage. She’ll invite some staffers to fun outings and purposely exclude others to create tension, jealousy and hurt feelings.”

The website proceeds to fill out the rest of its report by giving an “example” of DeGeneres’ mean behavior. “One time, a loose thread was hanging off her slacks. Ellen noticed it when she was about to go on air and started screaming about how no one had told her,” claims the outlet’s alleged “insider,” before contending, “Instead of just tearing off the thread, Ellen demanded a whole new pair of slacks!” The blog’s seemingly fake tipster adds, “Staffers never know what she’ll go off on, or who she’ll target. It’s like walking on eggshells.”

This myth about DeGeneres being a Jekyll and Hyde has been fabricated and perpetuated by a number of outlets without any real proof. It’s not even hearsay. It’s simply a made-up narrative. Gossip Cop actually knows many people involved in the production of DeGeneres’ show and we’ve never heard anything resembling these claims. One particular insider assures us the site’s article is, at best, “laughable.”

Unfortunately, we’re not remotely surprised by the blog’s bogus “boss from hell” claim. Gossip Cop previously corrected RadarOnline’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, when it falsely claimed last year that DeGeneres’ talk show staff were planning to revolt against their “mean” boss. There was no truth to that manufactured story, and this newest tale about DeGeneres being the “boss from hell” is equally meritless.

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