Ellen DeGeneres Talks Beyonce Pregnancy Photos (VIDEO)

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Ellen DeGeneres Beyonce Pregnant Photos

By Holly Nicol |

Ellen DeGeneres Beyonce Pregnant Photos

(The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Ellen DeGeneres analyzed Beyonce’s pregnancy photo album on Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch the hilarious video below!

Before discussing the singer’s pregnancy photos, DeGeneres noted, “I was thinking, there is a lot going on in the world right now, a whole lot. I could talk about what happened on ‘The Bachelor’ for instance, or I could talk about what the president tweeted, but I’m not gonna do that.” “Instead, I’m going to talk about the most important story of the year, Beyonce is pregnant,” she said.

DeGeneres began by analyzing the photo Beyonce originally posted on Instagram, in which she is sat on a bed of flowers wearing only a bra, underwear, and a veil. “By the looks of that photo, she is pregnant with our saviour,” the talk show host noted. “This is true, before Beyonce sat down to take that photo, these flowers were a dead pile of leaves and branches. As soon as she sat there, they came alive,” she joked. In true DeGeneres style, she then inserted herself into the same picture. “She inspired me to post my own photo. Obviously, I’m not pregnant, that was after a big lunch I had,” she said.

DeGeneres went on to discuss the entire photo album. Focusing specifically on the picture of Beyonce underwater, DeGeneres quipped, “Celebrities are just like us. They swim wearing golden scarves in pools of roses.” After congratulating the couple on their exciting news, she said, “Thank you for giving us something good to talk about, I don’t know if this is possible, but for the sake of our country, please try to get pregnant at least once a month.” Check out the hilarious clip below!

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