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Ellen DeGeneres has been in hot water lately over allegations of fostering an unhealthy workplace. However, some tabloids are being overly hyperbolic in their assessment of Hollywood’s reaction, claiming she’s been cast aside by fellow A-list celebrities.

Ellen DeGeneres Kicked Out Of Hollywood?

Fresh off rumors of nastiness, In Touch is reporting that DeGeneres is being left in the cold by her Hollywood friends. An “insider” told the magazine, “Ellen isn’t getting the support from Hollywood that she expected. The silence is deafening.” The article is mostly a rehashing of the toxic workplace story. We do not want to denigrate the employees' serious story; Gossip Cop is just reporting on this single tabloid claim.

The magazine concludes its article with another quote from this untrustworthy source: “How is she supposed to face her famous guests, especially the ones who didn’t defend her, on her show from now on?” Ellen has been running for daily for 17 years now, which means hundreds if not thousands of guests have sat beside DeGeneres. It would be impossible to expect every single one of them to publicly support the host, but many huge stars already have.

She Still Has A-List Support

Contrary to this tabloid report, many Hollywood stars have come to DeGeneres’s defense. Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, and Ashton Kutcher have all publicly expressed their support for the talk show host. Longtime friends Jay Leno and Diane Keaton have done so as well. Gossip Cop can disprove this tabloid simply by pointing to this wave of support from within Hollywood to protect one of its own. The Atlantic recently ran an article questioning if Hollywood’s support was good for DeGeneres or not.

DeGeneres Has The Public Support Of Portia De Rossi

One celeb who has backed up Ellen DeGeneres amid this scandal is her wife, Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi. She took to Instagram to support her spouse.

This endorsement is significant because it debunks the other rumor from this same tabloid that said de Rossi had walked out on DeGeneres. She did not leave her wife of 12 years, nor did they get that $250 million divorce the outlet was also yapping about. Oh, and it even claimed that the two were living apart back in March. Things are, at least, going well for DeGeneres at home, contrary to what this tabloid would have you believe.

This is the same tabloid that bogusly reported that DeGeneres had just lost millions of dollars in real estate, which we easily busted. In Touch is not a source of truth regarding the future of Ellen DeGeneres. It remains to be seen what comes of these toxic workplace allegations from her former employees, so stay tuned to Gossip Cop for whenever the next shoe may fall.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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