Ellen DeGeneres NOT Having Baby With Portia de Rossi, Despite Report

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Ellen Degeneres baby Portia de Rossi

By Michael Lewittes |

Ellen Degeneres baby Portia de Rossi

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Ellen DeGeneres has not “finally agreed to start a family with Portia de Rossi,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim which was made in one of this week’s tabloids. We’re told it’s “completely untrue.”

According to the National Enquirer, DeGeneres is “praying that bringing a baby into their eight-year union will put an end to Portia’s relentless tantrums, jealous rages and destructive drinking and dieting.” A so-called “insider” tells the supermarket tabloid, “Ellen knows it’s a risk, but she truly loves Portia and wants to make it work.” The magazine further alleges the talk show host is caving in because she and de Rossi, married since 2008, have been on the verge of a “$220 million divorce multiple times.”

“One of their biggest marital issues has been a dramatically different view on family,” contends the publication. The outlet continues, “Portia has always dreamed of becoming a mom, but Ellen doesn’t even allow kids in their Beverly Hills mansion.” After what it claims were a number of fights between the two women, the tabloid alleges, “Ellen is convinced that a child is the only way to keep Portia happy and under control.” The magazine’s supposed “insider” concludes, “The only thing they need to sort out now is if they will adopt or use a surrogate.”

For years, Gossip Cop has been busting the Enquirer for its many false reports about the celebrity couple, including its untrue claims that DeGeneres and de Rossi have fought over having a baby. We have also corrected the publication on numerous occasions for its inaccurate stories about DeGeneres divorcing de Rossi. Nothing has changed.

Neither of the two stars want to “start a family,” as alleged by the tabloid. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with our impeccable insider, and we’re once again told the magazine’s newest article is “completely untrue.” Our trustworthy source further reassures us DeGeneres and de Rossi “have no desire to have kids.”

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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Ross have a baby.


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