Ellen DeGeneres And Matt Lauer End Pranks Feud At Daytime Emmys (VIDEO)

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Matt Lauer Ellen DeGeneres Daytime Emmys

By Michael Lewittes |

Matt Lauer Ellen DeGeneres Daytime Emmys


Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer ended their months-long pranks feud at the beginning of the Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday. But not before DeGeneres once again altered video of Lauer to embarrass him, this time having him stripped down to his bare chest with heart-shaped tassel pasties and in bikini briefs attached to sexy stockings. See the video below.

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, DeGeneres repeatedly manipulated footage of Lauer that aired on her talk show that made it look like the “Today Show” anchor was in bondage gear and had a secret foot fetish. Lauer got back at DeGeneres by having her car filled with thousands of ping pong balls. But on Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards, the two called a truce. Sort of.

While standing next to DeGeneres, Lauer said, “Ellen and I are here to announce that we are officially ending our feud or prank war.” And DeGeneres said, “I promise I won’t be doing anything to alter or edit your part at all.” But right after that, she of course had the video altered to make it appear Lauer had stripped off his suit and tie and was standing in bikini briefs and pasties.

A supposedly shocked DeGeneres then told Lauer to “pull it together” because the Daytime Emmys are a “dignified celebration.” She then noted, as Lauer could be seen thrusting his pelvis and shimmying his breasts, that the “Today Show” anchor “offered to donate $1,000 of his own money to charity anytime one of y’all thank Matt Lauer in your speech tonight.” Many winners ultimately did thank Lauer during the awards shows.

Check out the video below of Matt Lauer being the butt again of an Ellen DeGeneres prank at the Daytime Emmys, and tell us what you think.


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