Elizabeth Hurley, Justin Theroux NOT Dating, Despite ‘Romance’ Reports

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Elizabeth Hurley Justin Theroux

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Elizabeth Hurley Justin Theroux

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Elizabeth Hurley and Justin Theroux are not dating, despite reports by a couple of unreliable outlets that they may be in a “new romance.” Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these untrue claims. We’re told the speculation is 100 percent “false.”

On Saturday, HollywoodLife manufactured a story about whether Theroux and Hurley were now “together” after being spotted two days in a row in Marrakesh, Morocco. The repeatedly discredited site, which is often called HollywoodLies, exclaims the alleged new couple was “moving quickly.” The untrustworthy blog then notes how it supposedly doing some digging to find out if Hurley and Theroux “have officially begun dating.” Spoiler alert: The outlet learned nothing.

Basically, the habitually disproven website regurgitated what it saw in readily available pictures from events for the ABB FIA Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix auto race, including how Hurley and Theroux “walked side-by-side, ” “chatted,” and “posed for photos.” It then pointed out how Hurley posted several photos to Instagram from the racing event, while wrongly theorizing that even though the actress “didn’t have a dedicated post of the two of them doesn’t mean they’re not an item.” The blog even claimed Hurley might be waiting “before officially introducing [Theroux]… as a significant other” on Instagram.

“They definitely seem like they’re into one another,” squealed the astoundingly inaccurate website, before concluding, “Only time will tell if they are, in fact, together.” Naturally, that prompted Celebrity Insider, which rewrites other outlets’ articles rather than actually reporting, to publish an equally phony piece about how Theroux and Hurley have sparked “dating rumors” and “make a cute couple.” Contrary to HollywoodLies’s assertion that “only time will tell,” Gossip Cop fact-checked the claims and can most assuredly tell its readers now that Hurley and Theroux are not dating at all.

Simply, Theroux and Hurley were the two most famous celebrities at the Formula E auto race, which also drew several European socialites and designers, as well as model Elaine Irwin. Theroux and Hurley are not dating. There’s no romance between them. They are not a couple. Nor will they become Instagram official.

While HollywoodLies just made baseless speculations (and Celebrity Insider rephrased them), Gossip Cop reached out to Theroux’s rep, who exclusively assures us on the record that the blogs’ reports are “false.” The actor’s spokesperson explains they were pictured together, only because they were “both at the same event.” Of course, we’re not in the least surprised that HollywoodLife’s article is wrong since the website’s track record is about the same as the driver who came in last at the ABB FIA Formula E 2019 Marrakesh E-Prix.

Just a few months ago, Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLies when it incorrectly maintained Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were back together. It also mistakingly contended Theroux was dating Aubrey Plaza shortly after his split from Aniston. For both those untrue stories, much like now, the site made inferences based on photos. But that’s not journalism or “digging.” It’s just bad guesswork.


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