Elite Daily Uses Justin Bieber For Self-Promotion

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elite Daily Justin Bieber Promotion Orlando

By Shari Weiss |

elite Daily Justin Bieber Promotion Orlando

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Elite Daily is using Justin Bieber for self-promotion, just one day after falsely accusing him of using the Orlando shooting to promote his “Purpose Tour.” As Gossip Cop reported, Bieber sent on a tweet on Thursday using the hashtag “#OrlandoStrong.” Elite Daily then accused him of only sharing the phrase to publicize his concert.

We, however, pointed out that the message was not about self-promotion, but showing solidary with the city, as Bieber had in prior Orlando tweets and posts that Elite Daily failed to mention. The concert was also already sold out, and the singer certainly doesn’t need help getting publicity.

The cruel hit piece essentially attacked Bieber when his intentions were pure. The same can’t be said for Elite Daily, which is now trying to capitalize on the controversy it manufactured. On Friday, the outlet tweeted, “Our Mentions are on [fire emojis] because of this one,” along with a link to the article.

Hypocritical much? Elite Daily went from ripping Bieber for supposedly trying to exploit a tragedy to boasting about how much reaction its story on that alleged exploitation generated. The site is bragging about a story it got WRONG about Bieber and a mass shooting.

And as further evidence that traffic is more important than accuracy and sensitivity, the aforementioned tweet was followed up by one that read, “We are fans of @justinbieber too, you know,” paired with a link to a “humor” story it posted about him back in April. See screengrabs below.

So, is this really about Bieber inappropriately using “#OrlandoStrong,” or is it about Elite Daily promoting itself? As one fan replied, “And is that what you do it for? The mentions? The publicity? Absolutely disgusting. You guys are terrible people.” Another said, “‘Your mentions are on fire?’ Wow. Talk about exploiting a tragedy.”

The problem here isn’t with Bieber. It’s with Elite Daily.

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