Did Elisabeth Moss Try To Recruit Taylor Swift For Scientology?

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Side by side shots of Taylor Swift and Elisabeth Moss at the Sundance Film Festival

By Laura Broman |

Side by side shots of Taylor Swift and Elisabeth Moss at the Sundance Film Festival

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Did Elizabeth Moss try to recruit Taylor Swift for Scientology? That’s the bogus story one gossip site was pushing last year. But Gossip Cop knows the truth.

On February 5, 2019, RadarOnline published a ridiculous story article alleging – based on the flimsiest evidence you could possibly imagine – that Moss was targeting Swift to join the Church of Scientology. The absurd rumor arose after the actress stated on the red carpet that she and her Handmaid’s Tale co-stars listened to Swift’s music on set to unwind. Swift responded with a video saying she was a “huge fan” of the series and that she’d love to meet Moss someday. The actress, who’s been a longtime member of Scientology, responded by saying she’d love to “hang out anytime.”

Always ready to jump to conclusions, RadarOnline read this exchange as a sure sign that Moss would soon be working on getting Swift to join the controversial star-studded organization. Of course, it was all nonsense. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Moss, who assured us the rumor was completely untrue: Moss and Swift were simply expressing their admiration for each other’s work.

One year later, it doesn’t look like anything’s changed here. Moss and Swift still haven’t met, at least not publicly. In fact, both women attended the Sundance Film Festival last month, but there’s no indication they crossed paths. And Swift hasn’t mentioned anything about becoming a Scientologist. Furthermore, Swift already has her own religion. Though the superstar has never been incredibly open about her spiritual beliefs, she stated that she is Christian in her recent Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana. Her latest album, Lover, has likewise been noted for its use of religious language. It looks like, when it comes to religion, Swift is taken.

Due to its controversial and enigmatic nature, it can sometimes be difficult to tell fact from fiction when it comes to rumors about the Church of Scientology. This makes it fairly easy for gossip magazines and blogs to invent wild stories about it. In the year since the RadarOnline story, plenty of other tabloids have capitalized on this rumor mill.

In November, Star published a story that was very similar to the one about Moss and Swift, this time about Tom Cruise recruiting Joaquin Phoenix to join the church. One month later, the Globe claimed, based on no real evidence whatsoever, that Jennifer Aniston was about to become a Scientologist. Gossip Cop busted both of these stories and more. The tabloids and gossip blogs have a habit of using the Church of Scientology and its famous members to create phony material.


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