Election Day Live Stream 2016: Watch Presidential Coverage Online

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election Day Live Stream

By Shari Weiss |

election Day Live Stream

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It’s Election Day, and there’s wall-to-wall news coverage of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s presidential race. Gossip Cop has a live stream below!

It was more than 500 days ago that Clinton and Trump each announced they’re running for president. Clinton, a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, previously ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008. She lost to President Obama, but this time beat out challengers like Bernie Sanders to secure the nod.

This marks Trump’s first time running for office. A business mogul and reality television star, he unexpectedly became the GOP frontrunner and defeated a large number of Republican opponents to win the nomination. Joining him on the ballot is Indiana Governor Mike Pence, while Clinton’s running mate is Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Millions across America are heading to the polls today. Celebrities are tweeting about Election Day, and stars are sharing photos showing they voted. A number of news outlets, meanwhile, are tracking results in real time. That includes exit polling, pundit predictions, and electoral college votes.

It will be hours before a clear winner emerges, but live coverage will air all day long. Gossip Cop has a news stream below, and will have additional offerings tonight. Watch below!


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