Eddie Redmayne Feuding With ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Co-Stars Jude Law, Zoe Kravitz?

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Eddie Redmayne Jude Law Zoe Kravitz Feud

By Andrew Shuster |

Eddie Redmayne Jude Law Zoe Kravitz Feud

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Is Eddie Redmayne really feuding with Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald co-stars Jude Law and Zoe Kravitz? That’s the bogus claim on one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the nonexistent drama.

According to a provably untrue report in the latest issue of Star, Redmayne refused to promote the Harry Potter prequel in America, and insisted on staying home in London to do press for the film. An alleged insider tells the magazine the actor’s co-stars “have been publicizing the movie like crazy, but Eddie managed to do one TV appearance – a pretaped blurb for James Corden’s show. They’re resentful Eddie’s getting special treatment.”

The outlet’s supposed source goes on to say that the reason Redmayne wouldn’t travel to the U.S. to promote the Fantastic Beasts sequel is that “he doesn’t like to be away from his wife for even one night.” The questionable tipster adds, “He’s not interested in the Hollywood scene,” but his reluctance to hype the movie has led to a “fraught relationship” with Law and Kravitz.

The magazine’s premise is flat-out wrong. Had the tabloid bothered to do a bit of research, it would have learned that Redmayne made several talk show appearances in the U.S. in support of the film. For starters, Redmayne and Kravitz appeared together on “Watch What Happens Live” last month.

Also last month, Redmayne visited the “Today” show to talk about the movie. Redmayne then went on “The Tonight Show” and taught Jimmy Fallon magic tricks during his appearance. Additionally, Redmayne appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to promote the sequel. Meanwhile, the actor and his Fantastic Beasts co-stars participated in SiriusXM’s Town Hall to talk about their movie. All of these shows shoot either in New York or Los Angeles. Star must have failed geography class, as those cities are located in the U.S.

In addition to the tabloid’s story being unequivocally false, it’s also based on claims from an anonymous and seemingly nonexistent “source.” Redmayne’s rep, however, is going on the record to dismiss it as nonsense. The actor isn’t feuding with Law and Kravitz over his refusal to promote the movie in America, considering he didn’t refuse to do so. Redmayne made the rounds throughout the U.S. talk show circuit, and many of his appearances were right alongside his castmates. There’s not a shred of truth to the magazine’s report, but there’s an abundance of evidence to disprove it.


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