Eddie Redmayne On Caitlyn Jenner: “I Absolutely Salute Her Courage”

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Eddie Redmayne Caitlyn Jenner

By Minyvonne Burke |

Eddie Redmayne Caitlyn Jenner


Eddie Redmayne has been paying close attention to Caitlyn Jenner’s transition to female, and thinks it’s “amazing” what the reality TV star is doing. “I absolutely salute her courage,” Redmayne tells Out magazine, adding, “Hers is a very specific story, and it’s one that shouldn’t stand for everybody’s. But it is amazing what she’s gone through and how she’s done it.” He continues, “It’s a civil rights movement.”

The Oscar-winning actor also opened up about his upcoming movie The Danish Girl, in which he plays transgender artist Lili Elbe. “I found it profoundly moving,” admits Redmayne about first reading the film’s script. He adds, “I knew nothing about it going in. It felt like it was a piece about authenticity and love and the courage it takes to be yourself.”

Redmayne also notes the transgender community was very open to helping him prepare for the role. “People were so kind and generous with their experience… Virtually all of the trans men and women I met would say ‘Ask me anything.’” says Redmayne.

As far as what the role taught him, Redmayne admits that he now knows gender is “fluid” and it “needn’t be labeled.” He says, “My greatest ignorance when I started was that gender and sexuality were related. And that’s one of the key things I want to hammer home to the world: You can be gay or straight, trans man or woman, and those two things are not necessarily aligned.”

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