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Ed Skrein is not Angelina Jolie's "boyfriend," despite a new claim. A website is using already debunked rumors about Skrein and Jolie dating simply for clickbait. Gossip Cop can explain how this is a classic example of fake news created by the tabloids.

Earlier this month, Star made up a story falsely alleging Jolie wanted to make Brad Pitt jealous by flirting with Skrein, her co-star in the upcoming Maleficent sequel. The article claimed Jolie purposefully had the Deadpool actor cast in the movie, as she found him "hot" and wanted to learn "what makes him tick." A so-called "source" further contended that if it got out about her "flirting with Ed, it will drive Brad nuts,"adding the Oscar winner would be "lying if she said she wasn't interested in seeing how this pans out."

It wasn't difficult to discover that this narrative was untrue. For starters, when the trusted trade publication Variety announced Skrein was cast in Maleficent 2, it said nothing about him joining the film at Jolie's request. While it's likely a screen test was involved to ensure the two would work well together on camera, there was nothing in the report, nor in similar stories from Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, that indicated he was hand-picked by Jolie for the role.

The false narrative originated from a tabloid with a history of publishing untrue tales about Jolie. Additionally, as opposed to intending to strike up a romantic relationship with her new colleague, People has reported that Jolie has "no interest in dating at all," specifically noting, "She is absolutely not seeing anyone and will not be." Lastly, Gossip Cop pointed out that with Pitt and Jolie amicably working on a divorce settlement amid custody negotiations, she has no reason to want to antagonize him with a revenge romance.

But now more than 10 days later, YourTango is running an article with the headline, "Who Is Ed Skrein? 6 New Details About Angelina Jolie's Rumored Boyfriend." The piece begins by alleging Jolie is "crushing on her new costar" and "wants to see where things go." The site, however, has no new, credible information to back up these contentions. Rather, it regurgitates the original misinformation from Star, and also cites HollywoodLife and Celebrity Insider, two untrustworthy blogs that picked up and repeated the magazine's allegations without any fact-checking and investigating.

What's even crazier is that after calling Skrein Jolie's "boyfriend," sixth on its list of "details" about the English star is, "He might be taken." The outlet writes, "Ed may be in a relationship with the mother of his son. In 2015, they reportedly lived together with their son in East London and it is unknown whether or not this is still true." Yet the publication still saw fit to deem him Jolie's "boyfriend." The logic here is sorely lacking.

Unfortunately, popular search engines are currently promoting this half-baked story as a top result when one searches for "Angelina Jolie" (see screengrabs below). Rather than getting real, verifiable news, fans are being presented with fake news. YourTango has put together pure clickbait that seeks to exploit the never-ending interest in Jolie by parroting already debunked claims in an even phonier package. Skrein is not Jolie's "boyfriend," and if there's anything people should know about him right now, it seems that's it.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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