Ed Sheeran Announces Tour On “Today” Show (VIDEO)

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Ed Sheeran Tour Divide Today Show

By Holly Nicol |

Ed Sheeran Tour Divide Today Show


Ed Sheeran announced his new tour on Wednesday’s “Today” show. Check out the video below.

The singer was on the morning show to officially announce his 2017 “Divide” tour. “I’m spending four months in America. It’s the most time I’m actually spending in any continent,” Sheeran said. “We’re going to put this tour on sale and see how it goes, and then maybe come back next year for some more. Next year is going to be stadiums, this year is going to be arenas.”

When asked by Carson Daly if Sheeran can create an intimate atmosphere in an arena, the singer responded, “Certainly. It’s all about the crowd and whether or not the crowd get on board with it.” “If someone connects with you, it doesn’t matter how far away you are. Get them connected with the song.”

Sheeran went on to discuss the method behind the success of his huge hits, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill,” which Daly described as being the “yin and yang” of the album. “It’s an old method to do two B-sides and send them to radio, I think it gives people a wider view of what the album is going to sound like,” Sheeran said. “Just having one song out, you don’t actually know that the album is going to be something you might like.”

Savannah Guthrie then questioned the singer on the unique title of the album, which follows his previous records, “Plus” and “Multiply.” “Is it a math thing?” she asked. “This album is ‘Divide,’ because every single song is very divided,” Sheeran noted. “As soon as you skip a song, it’s completely different. I’m trying to cover all genres and bases.”

Sheeran is heading to the U.S. on his 2017 tour between June and October. Check out the video below, and click to watch Sheeran’s “Today” show concert!

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