Ed Sheeran ‘Graham Norton Show’ Video: Watch Interview On Children’s Toys

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Ed Sheeran Graham Norton Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Ed Sheeran Graham Norton Interview


Ed Sheeran appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which he admitted to having a love for children’s toys. Watch a funny highlight from the singer’s interview below!

Sheeran explained on the British talk show that he was deprived of expensive Lego sets as a young boy, so when his first album reached number one on the charts, he bought “the big Death Star” from Star Wars. “I’m just a big kid now,” noted the singer. “I went to go and buy my goddaughter a Ninja Turtle toy for her birthday, and then I was in the Ninja Turtle section and there was this huge Ninja Turtle truck.” Sheeran continued, “I was looking at the small toy I got for her and the big truck and I was like, ‘I’m getting that for me.’”

The singer went on to admit he has “a lot of child stuff” in his house, revealing, “There’s a room full of teddy bears.” He then joked, “This is such an embarrassing interview.” Sheeran further confessed that his affinity for toys extends into his love life, saying, “I remember I once went on a date and brought a Lego set, then made the Lego set and left.” Watch the funny video below!

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