Ed Sheeran “Game Of Thrones” Cameo Debated On “The View” – Watch Video

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The View ed Sheeran Game Thrones

By Shari Weiss |

The View ed Sheeran Game Thrones


Ed Sheeran’s controversial “Game Of Thrones” cameo sparked a surprisingly passionate debate on “The View” on Wednesday. Watch the video below.

Sheeran, who is a big fan of the show, shot a single scene in which he and others are singing in a forest during the “Game Of Thrones” season seven premiere, which aired on Sunday. Many on social media responded not only by mocking the singer, but also questioning why his presence was needed. Now on the ABC talk show, Sara Haines revealed she’s among the fans unhappy with his appearance on the HBO program.

“First of all, I felt like it was a stunt,” she explained. “He’s a fan. Ed Sheeran’s a big fan of the show, so [the director] said, ‘I put him in,’ and also he said, ‘I needed someone who could sing.’ Have you met an actor that can’t? Like they all sing.” She went on, “You’re talking about a series that depends on you to suspend your disbelief. I’ve never been into sci-fi. I don’t watch any of that stuff… I got into this series where you have to believe there are dragons. You have to believe. You’re sitting there, and sweet little Ed Sheeran turns around!”

Whoopi Goldberg responded, “I hate to break your heart, but to most of us like myself, it was another white guy in the forest!” The moderator revealed that she was a big fan of the HBO show “Deadwood,” and when the writers created a cameo at her request, the network nixed it, saying, “You’re too well-known. You’re going to take people out of the thing.” She recalled, “I was like, ‘Wait, when you see Marlon Brando, you say, hey, it’s Marlon Brando, and then you’re in[to] the movie!” Goldberg further gave examples of Sting and Queen Latifah as also being stars who “do different things.”

“Maybe you’re not known for being an actor, but maybe this part of the dream that you have,” she argued. “And so, folks have to get over the fact that occasionally — I’m gonna show up! And if you think that was bad, if that bothered you, if that cameo bothered you, my cameo is going to bother you more!” The show then cut to a photoshopped picture of Goldberg, which prompted a hilariously upset Haines to exclaim, “Whoopi, you step out of the Iron Throne right now!”

She went on to say, “But the folks she’s talking about, that’s me, I would hardly argue that Ed Sheeran ranks up there” with EGOT winner Goldberg. “When you’re the best actor for the part, you go in believing the character because they’re amazing.” Sunny Hostin then interrupted to say the singer “did a good job,” but Haines wasn’t having it. Check out the video below to see how the debate amusingly ended. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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