Ed Sheeran Gets Teary Helping Man Propose Marriage During Concert (VIDEO)

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Ed Sheeran proposal

By Michael Lewittes |

Ed Sheeran proposal

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Ed Sheeran got teary-eyed at his Austin, Texas concert on Wednesday while helping a member of the audience propose to his girlfriend onstage. In a tweet after the show, Sheeran wrote, “proposal tonight in Austin, I might’ve welled up, but don’t say anything.” See the video below.

At the concert, Sheeran put down his guitar in the middle of a performance of “All of the Stars,” and with another guitar still strumming in the background, invited the couple to come up on stage. After a brief hug with Sheeran, the man took the mic from Sheeran, turned to his girlfriend, who appeared shy and confused onstage, and began, “Alright so, I’m just ‘thinking out loud’ here,” cleverly referencing one of Sheeran’s hit songs, before adding, “You know, I’ve met a lot of people in my days, and to come across someone so amazing, so talented and so beautiful inside and out, [I knew] that there is no way, no way I was going to let her go.”

After pausing for explosive cheers from the audience, the man added, “I thought to myself, ‘I better grab her, hold on for dear life and tie her down quick; Not with rules, conditions, or regulations, but with a ring, a ring around her finger that represents the ring around my heart.” The audience cheered again, and Sheeran applauded from where he sat cross-legged on the side of the stage.

The love-struck man continued, “So God created everything on this green earth, but He only created one perfect answer for one perfect question,” and again referenced another Sheeran song when he said, “We found love right where we are.” He then removed a ring from his pocket, dropped to one knee, and paused for another explosive moment from the audience, before asking, “Will you be my wife?”

Sheeran, teary-eyed, stood up and clapped before congratulating the newly-engaged couple with a hug. Check out the video below of the marriage proposal at Ed Sheeran’s Austin concert on Wednesday and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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