Ed Sheeran Burned Skin Off Foot On Top Of Volcano: Watch ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ Interview (VIDEO)

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Ed Sheeran Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Ed Sheeran Ellen DeGeneres Show


Ed Sheeran revealed on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” that he recently burned the skin off his foot after slipping into a boiling geyser on top of a volcano. Watch the video below!

“I have a lot of accidents because I’m a bit of a clumsy idiot,” the singer said on the daytime talk show. He went on to recall being at the top of an active volcano in Iceland “that had a little bumbling pool” of water hotter than a boiling temperature. “And my foot slipped in,” he explained. “I’ve never had the feeling of dying before, but I fell in and it all went in slow motion and I was like, ‘Right, well that’s it.'”

Sheeran went on to note that “all the boiling water went down” the tongue of his shoe, which he immediately took off, but when his friends helped pull his sock off as well, the singer added, “All the skin came with it.” Also during the interview, Sheeran talked about getting rid of his phone and winning a Grammy. He also performed his new hit song “Shape of You,” and met an 8-year-old singer named Kai. Watch the videos below from Sheeran’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” interview!


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