Ed Sheeran Eats Snail After Red Nose Day Raises $32 Million – WATCH VIDEO!

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ed Sheeran Snail Video

By Shari Weiss |

ed Sheeran Snail Video


Ed Sheeran vowed to eat a snail while dressed in drag if Thursday’s Red Nose Day fundraiser topped last year’s total. On Friday, he fulfilled the promise. Watch below!

Sheeran is currently on a social media hiatus, and so he had close friend James Corden share a video on his behalf on Thursday. The “Late Late Show” host tweeted, “Ed Sheeran is lost in Japan but couldn’t miss out on #rednoseday. Text GIVE to 80077 to give $10 & get Ed in drag.” In the accompanying clip, Sheeran himself said, “If you guys raise more money than you did last year for Red Nose Day, I will dress up in a red tutu and eat the most disgusting thing they have in Japan.”

The singer learned that would be sea snails and fermented beans, and agreed to eat both. He purchased a live snail right then and there, apparently confident he would have to do the challenge. Sure enough, at the end of last night’s telethon, it was revealed $31.5 million had been raised, which is far more than last year’s $23 million.

And so, Corden tweeted on Friday, “Absolutely huge #rednoseday – 12M noses sold, $32M raised. So as promised: Ed Sheeran eating a snail in drag.” The new video indeed shows the musician wearing a red tutu, and going to chow down first on the fermented beans, and then the sea snail. Let’s just say they didn’t go down easy. Check out the videos below!


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