Ed Sheeran: Taylor Swift Is “Miss America” (VIDEO)

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ed sheeran career taylor swift

By Michael Lewittes |

ed sheeran career taylor swift

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Ed Sheeran credits Taylor Swift for making him a “household name” in the U.S. because “she’s Miss America.” In a new interview, Sheeran admits breaking into the music industry was much easier because he had Swift’s stamp of approval. See what else Sheeran had to say about Swift in the video below.

The British singer began his music career in London in 2008, but didn’t gain popularity in America until four years later. In 2012, Sheeran collaborated with Swift on the song “Everything Has Changed” for her “Red” album. The following year, he joined Swift as her opening act on the sold-out Red Tour.

Now, two years later, Sheeran is talking about what it was like to have Swift’s support and how he believes it changed his career. “Having an endorsement from Taylor Swift will help anyone. She’s Miss America. There’s no one really bigger than her in America, and if she says she likes anything, people kind of take notice of it,” he says on Saturday’s episode of Fuse’s “Revealed.”

“I realized going on tour with Taylor wasn’t necessarily about selling records. It was about becoming a household name, and then being able to build up a big, live kind of fan base,” Sheeran notes, adding, “So yeah, it definitely helped.”

Watch what else Sheeran had to say about Swift helping his career in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop know what you think.


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