Ed Helms: I Would “Shag Jennifer Aniston,” “Marry Rashida Jones” And “Kill Christina Applegate” (VIDEO)

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Ed Helms Shag Marry Kill

By Andrew Shuster |

Ed Helms Shag Marry Kill


Ed Helms played “Shag, Marry, Kill” on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live,” and had to choose between Jennifer Aniston, Rashida Jones and Christina Applegate. Watch the funny video below!

Helms appeared on the Bravo talk-show to promote his new movie Vacation. During his interview, a fan called in requesting he play “Shag, Marry, Kill” with a few of his former co-stars. Helms worked with Aniston in We’re The Millers, with Jones on “The Office” and with Applegate in Vacation. A panicked Helms went deep into thought before saying, “Wow. Shag all of them?” Of course, the rules of “Shag, Marry, Kill” don’t allow for that answer, so he was forced to choose. “OK, [shag] Jennifer Aniston, marry Rashida Jones and kill Christina Applegate,” said Helms followed by a shocked expression that suggested he was both embarrassed, yet pleased that he killed off the co-star of the movie he’s currently promoting. “Everybody go see ‘Vacation’ in theaters now!,” added “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Vacation is the reboot-sequel to 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, starring Chevy Chase. The new movie features Rusty Griswold (Helms) all grown up and on a new quest for Walley World with his wife and kids. The comedy also stars Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Day, and Leslie Mann.

Watch Ed Helms play “Shag, Marry, Kill” on “Watch What Happens Live” in the video below, and tell us what you think of his answers. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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