Earth Day: Kelly Osbourne, Ellen DeGeneres And More Celebrities Tweet Love For Planet

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Kelly Osbourne Celebrities Earth Day

By Minyvonne Burke |

Kelly Osbourne Celebrities Earth Day

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Kelly Osbourne, Ellen DeGeneres and Leonardo DiCaprio are just a few of the celebrities honoring Earth Day. To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the occasion, several of Hollywood’s greenest celebrities are tweeting their love for the planet, and urging their fans to go out and do something positive for Mother Earth.

“It’s #EarthDay! Take a minute to appreciate the wold around you,” DeGeneres tweeted, adding, “Pet a squirrel. Scatter sunflower seeds around your home. Wash a tree.” Melissa Joan Hart wrote on Instagram, “#earthday, let’s use today to remember to love the gifts that have been bestowed upon us! Mother Earth deserves our care and respect and love!!”

Kat Dennings told her Twitter followers that she was going to celebrate Earth Day by making “vegoodles” or “noodlekinnis.” DiCaprio, who is a big supporter of preserving the last wild places on Earth, retweeted a bunch of positive messages, including, “Happy #EarthDay!! Friendly reminder to do all you can to sustain this wonderful planet. #EarthDayEveryDay.”

Bill Clinton wrote on Twitter that he was grateful “for people around the world who are helping preserve our planet & happy to work w/many of them through @ClintonFdn.” Meanwhile, Stella McCartney urged her fans not to eat meat on Mondays, writing, “#ClimateChangeIsReal, and eating less meat is a real way to help #EarthDay.”

Also showing support for the planet is Kelly Osbourne, who posted on Twitter, “#HappyEarthDay I urge everyone to go out and do something good for our planet today!!” Pharrell Williams, who will be headlining this year’s “Live Earth Road To Paris,” an environmental awareness concert leading up to the U.N.’s climate change conference, tweeted, “It always seem impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela. Take climate change action today #EarthDay.”

Rounding out the list of celebrity supporters is Gisele Bundchen, who wrote on Instagram, “Today is Earth Day! Let’s love, honor and take care of our beautiful Mother Earth. We are One. Our well being depends on how we take care of our planet. This is our home, the only one we have. #EarthDay.” How are you honoring Earth Day?


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