Dylan Penn NEVER Dated Robert Pattinson, Despite Report

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Dylan Penn Robert Pattinson

By Michael Lewittes |

Dylan Penn Robert Pattinson

(US Weekly)

Us Weekly needed only seven words to get a story involving Robert Pattinson totally wrong. The tabloid claimed in the headline of a new report that his “exes” Dylan Penn and Kristen Stewart partied together in Paris. And though it’s true the two women met up at the Paris club Chez Castel on Tuesday, while Stewart famously dated her Twilight costar, the model daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn is NOT an ex-girlfriend of Pattinson.

Still, the magazine began its piece by exclaiming, “Well, you know they have at least one thing in common,” before stating how they both “dated Robert Pattinson.” The tabloid then even had an “eyewitness” state, “They were laughing, talking, and even dancing together all night.” The same clueless soul offered that it looked as if Stewart and Penn become “friends” and “hit it off.”

Digging itself a deeper hole, Us Weekly continued on about how Penn and Pattinson supposedly began dating in 2013, and while at Chateau Marmont one night he appeared to get “affectionate” with her.

Enough already! Penn never dated Pattinson. In fact, as Gossip Cop reported back in 2013, the model-actress herself called the rumors linking her to Pattinson “all bullsh*t.” Penn also clarified in another interview how they’re simply “friends” and that she “laughed” at the bogus romance reports, which were started when they were pictured together at Chateau Marmont with a large group of people who were conveniently “cropped” out of a photo.

Of course, Us Weekly has a bit of a history of wrongly connecting Pattinson to women he’s never dated. The tabloid falsely reported that he and Riley Keough were “hooking up,” a claim that Gossip Cop was the first to bust.


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