Dwight Howard And Hundreds Of Basketball Fans Trapped In Arena By Houston Flood (VIDEO)

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dwight howard flood

By James Crugnale |

dwight howard flood

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Dwight Howard and hundreds of Houston Rockets fans were stuck inside the Toyota Center for hours Monday night while Houston was hit with an emergency flash flood warning. The Rockets forward was among those who remained safely inside the arena and even kept fans entertained. See the video below of Howard cheering up stranded fans.

After the Rockets won its Western Conference Finals game against the Golden State Warriors at approximately 11 p.m. CST, fans were advised to remain inside the Toyota Center to avoid traveling in the dangerous conditions outside. “Toyota Center is advising fans to stay in seats after game due to severe weather outside. be safe,” read the arena’s scoreboard. Howard, along with numerous fans, heeded the warning and hunkered down until 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. The basketball star took the inconvenience in stride, shaking hands with fans who were stuck inside with him.

“It would have been ugly tonight if we’d have lost and had to stay in the arena,” Howard joked to reporters, adding that, “This is a great place to be, right at home with fans.” He later told the Houston Chronicle that one of his friends was trapped on a highway following the game, and he was glad that he did not “push it” by trying to get home.

Watch the video below of Dwight Howard cheering up fans stuck in the Toyota Center with him during Houston’s flash flood.


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