Dwayne Johnson Surprises Veteran With Ford Mustang, “Baywatch” Premiere Tickets (VIDEO)

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Dwayne Johnson US Veteran Ford

By Holly Nicol |

Dwayne Johnson US Veteran Ford


Dwayne Johnson partnered with Ford to surprise a veteran with a Ford Mustang and much more. Check out the video below!

In a video Johnson shared on Tuesday, a former service member named Marlene thought she was giving an interview about Ford’s “Go Further” award. Unaware he was hiding backstage, she discussed how joining the forces was something she had wanted to do since she was a “young, young, young girl.” She also spoke about her work with The Military Warriors Foundation, which provides mortgage-free homes and financial assistance for veterans and their families.

“They’re a really great organization, and so far they’ve given away 700 homes for 700 families,” she noted. The producers then told the veteran she had a “special guest” waiting to ask her a question. A reluctant Marlene turned around to see one of her favorite actors walking towards her.

“I heard I wasn’t the only one with a badass tattoo,” Johnson announced as he greeted the stunned fan, who exclaimed, “What the hell?! The star then explained, “I listened to your story backstage, and it’s such an amazing story. I wanted to congratulate you on your award for you and your foundation.”

Johnson went on, “We have such profound love and respect for you and all the boys and girls out there who serve.” He then shocked Marlene even more by giving her two tickets to the upcoming Baywatch premiere, and a brand new 2018 Ford mustang. The reaction was pretty priceless. Watch the full video below!

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