Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Surprise High School Students (VIDEO)

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Dwayne Johnson Kevin Hart Surprise High School Students Bullying

By Andrew Shuster |


Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart surprised hundreds of unsuspecting students at Landmark High School in New York City to spread an anti-bullying message in a segment broadcast on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch the video below!

In their new film, Central Intelligence, Johnson plays a former high school nerd who was bullied for being overweight, but grew up to become one of the CIA’s top agents. In an effort to convey to teens that they can overcome hardship, the two actors brought along the “GMA” cameras for an impromptu visit to the school’s pep rally.

“A lot of the students have been challenged here in many ways,” Johnson explained in an interview prior to the drop-by. “Coming up hard, seeing hard times. Kevin and I are no stranger to that.” When Johnson and Hart entered the school’s auditorium, it created pandemonium as hundreds of students rushed to greet the stars.

“Who here has been bullied before?” Johnson asked while addressing the students, almost all of whom raised their hands. Hart added, “Our message to everybody here is be great. If you are a person who’s been bullied, we encourage you to speak up. Tell people what’s going on.” Johnson further offered, “Regardless of your challenges, you can overcome them and you can become great. Push yourself to greatness!” Check out the video below!


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