Why Dwayne Johnson’s Not Surprised By Kevin Hart’s Recovery After His Crash

Dwayne Johnson in a pink jacket on the red carpet with Kevin Hart in a dark suit.

By Hugh Scott |

Dwayne Johnson in a pink jacket on the red carpet with Kevin Hart in a dark suit.

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Kevin Hart’s Jumanji co-star, Dwayne Johnson is renowned for his incredible physique. When The Rock talks about working out, it’s best we all listen. That goes double for his comments on Hart’s recovery after a scary, near-fatal car wreck.

Hart’s back was severely injured last September when the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda he was riding in jumped an embankment and rolled over in a ditch. The actor sat down with Men’s Health recently to discuss his recovery process, which includes hours in the gym rehabbing. Despite requiring surgery to repair three vertebrates, injuries that almost paralyzed him, his recovery has been remarkable. Johnson is not surprised.

“Kevin was in tremendous shape before the accident,” Johnson told the magazine. “His body composition and muscle memory are working in his favor.” It’s a lesson everyone could take from Hart’s rehab. The comedian’s healthy lifestyle and workout routine prior to the accident has allowed him to work harder, faster, and smarter to strengthen his back and the rest of his body in the months since the wreck.

Kevin Hart used the experience to grow as a person

Hart’s worked hard on his rehab and it’s not only been good for his body, it’s been good for his mind too. Johnson elaborated on that too, “Kev and I have had some pretty moving conversations about his life journey and purpose after his accident.” The former elite football player who once faced his own devastating knee injury added that Hart’s used the situation as a learning opportunity.

“The experience he went through was both sobering and enlightening. When someone stares death in the eyes — and lives — you instantly become newly informed on just how fragile life is,” that, Johnson says, gives “an optimistic person a new lease on life and then get outta the way, because they’re gonna be rollin’. Kev is rollin’.”

Hart agrees with all of this. “This road to my fitness matches my mindful progression,” the comedian told the publication. At a time when his physical health could have led the actor down a very dark path, he’s flipped the script and turned the traumatic event into something overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m saying make sure you’re implementing the same amount of time and energy into being present for what matters. because when [expletive] hits the fan, you’re going to realize that the things that matter are all you truly care about,” the comedian said. “Nothing else [expletive] matters.”

Kevin Hart has a new lease on life, and one of the hardest working men in showbiz is showing no signs of slowing down with eight movies announced or in production, not to mention producing the upcoming Dave on FXX, starring Lil Dicky. That’s all something the tabloids wrongly predicted would never happen when the National Enquirer falsely claimed Hart was paralyzed by the crash. The rumor was named by Gossip Cop as our top false rumor about Hart in 2019.