Dwayne Johnson Guys’ Choice Awards Video: The Rock Uses Hero Award To Pay Tribute To Troops — WATCH HERE!

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Dwayne Johnson Guys Choice Awards Troops Video

By Shari Weiss |

Dwayne Johnson Guys Choice Awards Troops Video

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Dwayne Johnson received the Hero Award at the 2015 Guys’ Choice Awards, which aired on Spike on Thursday. For the special honor, the actor chose to pay tribute to REAL heroes: America’s troops. Watch below.

The ceremony taped earlier this month at Sony Pictures Studios with Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson as hosts. In past years, there have been Troops’ Choice for Entertainer of the Year honors given out to stars like Mark Wahlberg (2014), Vin Diesel (2013), and Justin Timberlake (2012). This marked the first time it was called the Hero Award, and Johnson was visibly emotional about being the recipient. He also admirably shared the spotlight with members of the Armed Forces.

Clint Eastwood led the award presentation, and, as Gossip Cop previously reported, a comment he made comparing Johnson to other athletes like “Jim Brown and Caitlyn Somebody” was edited out of the broadcast. Following more innocuous remarks, Johnson took the stage and said his career was only possible “because we live in a country where we’re free, and we get to celebrate this freedom.” He then invited “the brave men and women of our military services” who were in the audience and backstage to share the moment with him.

The star-studded audience, which included Chris Pratt, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Salma Hayek, gave the service members a standing ovation, and Johnson appeared to get a bit choked up. “This is a moment. This is a moment right now. I want to thank you so much for everything that you do,” he told the troops.

The day after the taping, Johnson wrote on Instagram, “Very special moment.. Last night at the Guy’s Choice Awards I was honored to receive the HERO AWARD given by our U.S. Military to someone who they feel best represents and exemplifies the qualities of our U.S. military and troops. I’ve had the great pleasure to shake hands and spend time with thousands of U.S. Troops over the years and as a few folk already know, I have military that runs in my family (two Navy SEALS), so my respect for our troops is boundless and I’m extremely grateful to have received such an honor – and thank you troops for joining me on stage in this awesome moment. #GuysChoiceAwards #HeroAward #USMilitary #MyHonor #AndNowIHaveASupriseForYou.”

Johnson was referring to “Rock The Troops,” a 2016 Veteran’s Day variety special he announced during his speech. He further said on Instagram, “Upon hearing this news during my speech, the troops were ecstatic. So was I. Now what made this moment even more epic, was as a 100% total surprise to me.. this award was handed to me personally by a man I’ve never met, yet who I’ve always considered to be one of greatest inspirations and heroes… Mr. Clint Eastwood. #IconicMoment #ThankYouSir #ANightOfSurprises #ANightOfGratitude #ANightFun #GuysChoiceAwards #HeroAward #RockTheTroops #VeteransDay2016.”

Check out the Guys’ Choice video below. What do you think of Johnson being called a “hero,” and in turn paying tribute to the U.S. military? NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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