Duo Guerrero ‘America’s Got Talent’ Video: Watch Blindfolded Tightrope Walking!

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Duo Guerrero America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Duo Guerrero America's Got Talent Video


Duo Guerrero took its tightrope walking act to a new level on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” by performing blindfolded. Watch below!

The husband-and-wife contestants stunned the judges in the auditions last month with their high-wire stunt. With no safety harnesses, the wife managed to not only carry a chair, but balance it on the wire and stand on top of it. Not only that, but the husband also jumped over her.

The judges were amazed at the danger and skill involved, which the act only increased for the Judge Cuts round. The couple was high in the sky again, but this time, the wife wasn’t able to see thanks to a black mask. Mel B exclaimed, “Blindfolded? Are you kidding me?!”

As the panel, including guest judge Ne-Yo, watch her walk across the wire, Heidi Klum could be heard rhetorically asking, “Aren’t they nuts?!” At one point, host Nick Cannon even admonished the crowd watching, telling them, “Stop clapping; you’re gonna make her fall!”

And it really looked like she might, just as she started to lose balance. She made it to the other end, though, leaving her husband to jump rope as he went across. And he made it, too.

But they still weren’t done. Check out the full video below to see why Simon Cowell called the contestants “completely mad”! Update: Shockingly, Duo Guerrero was not one of the seven acts to make it through at the end of the episode.


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