The Duggars are NOT divorcing, but you wouldn't know that from a purposefully deceptive In Touch cover. Gossip Cop can expose the tabloid's blatant bait-and-switch manipulation.

The new cover of In Touch features a large picture of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with the announcement, "Duggars Shocker: $25 Million Divorce." It's further teased, "What Finally Tore Them Apart." From that, it would stand to reason that any rational reader would understandably interpret the cover as announcing Jim Bob and Michelle are getting divorced.

But that's not what the cover story is actually about at all. Rather, the article is really about the couple's son Josh Duggar supposedly being divorced by his wife Anna. Readers wouldn't know that from the misleading cover, though, which tries to hook readers with its prominent photo of the Duggar patriarch and matriarch while only using a tiny picture of Josh and Anna at the bottom.

Consumers are baited into thinking the heads of the Duggar family are divorcing, and then the magazine pulls a switch inside the issue. Similarly, the cover also touts, "The legal documents they don't want the world to see," and a reasonable person would think that, too, is related to a divorce. In actuality, the only documents the dubious publication has are related to a lawsuit Josh is facing.

What's more is that this isn't the first time In Touch has done this Duggars divorcing bait-and-switch. The tabloid pulled this exact same stunt last September and again in November. Both of those covers also featured big photos of Jim Bob and Michelle with lines like "Duggar Shocker: The Breakup" and "Duggar Shocker: Divorce Papers!"

But just like now, the stories were actually about Josh and Anna supposedly splitting. And, by the way, both couples are still together.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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