“Property Brothers” Stars Drew And Jonathan Scott “Torn Apart”?

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Jonathan Drew Scott Torn Apart

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Jonathan Drew Scott Torn Apart

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Are Drew and Jonathan Scott being “torn apart”? A new report claims the “Property Brothers” stars are “strugg[ling] to see eye to eye.” Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story.

This narrative from Life & Style was sparked by Jonathan’s recent split from Jacinta Kuznetsov, his girlfriend of three years, as Drew’s wedding to Linda Phan approaches. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Jonathan is going through a rough time right now and feels left in the shadow of Drew.” As a result, “it’s causing a rift between the two” and “things have gotten so bad, they’ve stopped talking at times,” contends the supposed snitch.

An alleged “insider” goes on to claim the brothers had a “blowout fight” over whether Jonathan’s ex should still attend Drew’s wedding, to the point whether Jonathan was “threatening he wouldn’t attend the wedding at all” if his former love was going to be there. As the story goes, Drew “blames his twin for the breakup,” and is more sympathetic to Kuznetsov than his own sibling. On top of that, the gossip magazine maintains that with the pair already “competitive” in their shared work environment, “Jonathan’s not handling his loss to Drew in the love game very well.”

There’s allegedly fears Jonathan could “ruin” the upcoming nuptials, as well as concern that even though the twosome have “branded themselves as a double act, Drew might put his family before work” and leave his brother behind. But this storyline is significantly overblown. It is true, of course, that Drew’s wedding is approaching, just as it’s true Jonathan is now a single man. But their relationship statuses aren’t tearing them apart or affecting the future of their joint businesses.

In fact, just days ago Drew told People that Jonathan is doing “great” in the wake of his breakup. He went on to note they’ve been busy filming together, and stressed, “We’re always supporting each other. And at the end of the day, for us, the biggest thing is family.” Clearly, the brothers remain united. They’re also making plans to stay that way. Earlier this week, Drew and Jonathan announced “Sailing With The Scotts,” a cruise that will travel to the Bahamas with the brothers and their fans in December. They have no intention of going their separate ways just because one of them will be married.

Gossip Cop busted a similarly untrue tale about the Scott brothers feuding back in January. After our debunking, Drew responded on Twitter, “Some people love to make up fake drama. Our family is as close as we’ve always been!” Their other brother, JD Scott, commented on Twitter as well, using the hashtag, “#TabloidsNeedBetterSources.” Well, as long as these magazines continue to spread fake drama, as they have again here, and fail to get better sources, Gossip Cop will keep setting the record straight as needed.


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