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Drew Barrymore and CBS have announced the actress will be hosting her own daytime talk show starting in the fall of 2020. According to one phony tabloid report, that spells certain doom for The Talk, which is supposedly getting canceled as a result. Gossip Cop has looked into the claim and we can bust it.

Barrymore and CBS announced the new talk show in early October, and already the National Enquirer is alleging the show will knock The Talk off the air after a nearly decade-long run. The tabloid quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "Everyone is waiting to see what gets canceled to make room for Drew. Hot Bench, The Price Is Right and Let's Make A Deal are all doing fine - and Dr. Phil is a ratings king. That leaves The Talk and a soap." There are actually two soaps on CBS' daytime lineup, The Young & The Restless and The Bold & The Beautiful. There is also Judge Judy, though that has already been renewed through 2021. The article is already off to an unreliable start.

It's also worth pointing out that these shows are all technically syndicated shows, so CBS doesn't determine which shows are aired or when they are aired, as that's up to the local stations. CBS only owns 14 stations nationwide and doesn't make programming decisions for a majority of its affiliates. If the affiliates still want to buy the show, CBS won't stop producing or distributing it. In fact, CBS Television Distribution, which will also be in charge of Barrymore's talk show, distributes 12 different daytime shows. Basically, the tabloid or its supposed sources have no insight into what is going on. Regardless, a spokesperson for CBS is going on the record as saying there are no plans to replace any of the network's daytime shows.

It's far too early to predict what the local stations will do with the syndicated daytime shows, so predicting The Talk would be canceled, as the tabloid is, is just silly at this point. Still, the outlet's "insider" adds, "With former CBS boss Les Mooves' wife, Julie Chen, no longer on, Sharon Osbourne's The Talk looks vulnerable." Chen left the show before last year, and this is the second season without her. Moonves has also been out at CBS since last September when he resigned in the wake of sexual harassment accusations. If either had any bearing on the show, surely the network would have made the decision before the current season. This is just old news brought up by the tabloid to stir controversy that doesn't exist.

It's not surprising the Enquirer is clueless when it comes to anything related to the actress. In August, the tabloid ran a piece claiming Barrymore wanted a third child and was "exploring both in vitro fertilization and adoption." According to that phony report, the actress was "particularly interested in having a girl." This was despite comments from Barrymore herself talking about how much she enjoys having two children, and never mentioning the idea of having third.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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