Drew Barrymore Throws Tantrums On ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Set?

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Drew Barrymore Santa Clarita Diet Set

By Andrew Shuster |

Drew Barrymore Santa Clarita Diet Set

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Does Drew Barrymore really throw tantrums on the set of her Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet”? One of this week’s tabloids claims the actress is known to have outbursts during filming. Gossip Cop, however, is exclusively assured there’s no truth to the claim.

An article in the latest issue of Star purports that despite the “hippy-dippy vibe” Barrymore gives off in public, she can be difficult to deal with behind-the-scenes of the TV series, a dark comedy about a suburban mom who turns into a zombie. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “One minute she’s all sweet and calm. And the next she can be flapping her arms and yelling in frustration.”

The outlet’s suspicious source further contends that Barrymore usually flips out when she’s the one who’s making the mistakes, adding, “It could be that she’s flubbed her lines too many times or there’s time being wasted on set… It’s definitely a little strange to witness.” It should be noted, season two of the Netflix series wrapped filming in early October, so it’s questionable why this story would be emerging three months later.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in a source involved in the production of “Santa Clarita Diet,” who exclusively assures us on background that the tabloid’s account of events is fabricated. We’re told the vibe on set of the hit series is nothing but positive. In fact, Barrymore has posted several Instagram messages expressing her gratitude for the show and its cast and crew.

“I feel so grateful to have a job I love,” the actress wrote in one post. “I know how lucky I am and I never take it for granted. Period.” And on the final day of filming last year, Barrymore shared a photo alongside her smiling cast members, along with the caption, “We did it. Enjoy season two.” It’s evident that the actress is grateful for her job and her co-workers, despite Star’s bogus claim otherwise.