How Drew Barrymore Feels About SZA And Bryce Vine Naming Songs After Her

Drew Barrymore in a white suit jacket with feathered earrings

By Elyse Johnson |

Drew Barrymore in a white suit jacket with feathered earrings

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Drew Barrymore’s legacy will now live on not only through her acting, but in songs as well. Artists Bryce Vine and SZA both named songs after the actress. Both “Drew Barrymore” songs were hit successes. The actress, whose family has been in the entertainment industry since the 1800s, has starred in several hit films and has her own production company.

The former child actress’ most successful films include E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Charlie’s Angels, and Never Been Kissed, all of which impacted generations of young adults. Due to her career and iconic status in Hollywood, it’s easy to see why the actress would be the subject of fascination for any artist. Vine’s song came more from his infatuation for the actress, while SZA’s came from her admiration for Barrymore.

Why everyone loves Drew Barrymore

Vine’s song was originally released in 2017 but did not start gaining more recognition until August of 2018. The song’s lyrics feature Vine comparing the girl he is with to Barrymore, whom he alludes to being the “perfect woman.” The actress’ name makes up the song’s chorus. “‘Cause you’re the next Drew Barry, yeah / And I want more,” the rapper sings in the song. Vine has not been shy about his crush on The Wedding Singer actress as he has stated in various interviews his love for her.

In September 2019, Barrymore surprised the rapper when he appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show with a video message in response to his song about her. The actress sent Vine and Clarkson love and said that she appreciated the song he made about her. “Bryce, I’m such a big fan of yours, and I am so lucky to be the name of one of your songs,” Barrymore said, “and I love that song so much!”

SZA credits Barrymore as a important figure in her youth

SZA released her song from the album CTRL in January 2017 and the video for the song in June of that year. Barrymore seems to approve of the singer’s use of her name. The actress even made a cameo appearance in the video, briefly smiling at the singer as she walks by. The R&B singer revealed that she named the song after Barrymore because of her portrayal of vulnerable characters. “I started thinking about every movie that you see Drew in, all her roles are this amazing, kind girl who is misunderstood, but just wants to be loved,” the singer stated.

She also wrote the actress a “long-dramatic” letter because she felt every role Barrymore played helped “shape” who she was. The singer’s manager never mailed the letter, but they did reach out to Barrymore’s team, which led to the actress’ cameo in the video. In turn, Barrymore posted a cute video on Instagram of her happily watching SZA perform the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The song ultimately peaked at number 20 on the Billboard charts.