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Drew Barrymore is not upset about Elizabeth Banks' upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot, despite a bogus report. One of the tabloids is simply attempting to create a fake feud between the actresses. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Banks is directing, co-writing and co-starring in a film adaptation of the 1970's TV series, which focused on three female detectives working for a mysterious agency. Barrymore was the first to bring the franchise to the big-screen, producing and co-starring in the 2000 movie and its 2003 sequel. According to OK!, however, the actress isn't happy about Banks taking over the series.

"Drew introduced the Angels to a whole new generation and doesn't think Elizabeth could've gotten her reboot off the ground had her own not come first," an alleged insider tells the magazine. "She feels like she deserves more credit." The outlet's questionable source further contends that Banks has been "bragging that she's putting a feminist take on the franchise by making the Angels relatable and diverse, not the 'cartoonish caricatures' that they were in Drew's films."

This entire narrative is fabricated. For starters, Banks has never bad-mouthed any previous installments of the franchise. To the contrary, Banks recently told The Hollywood Reporter, "Charlie's Angels, for me, is one of the original brands to celebrate the empowered woman since its debut in the '70s." As for the actress supposedly "bragging" about her version being more "feminist" than the others, the actress actually stated that her film "honors the legacy" of the franchise, "while introducing a new era of modern and global Angels." Simply saying she plans to make the new Angels more "modern and global" isn't a slight at any of the Angels that came before. She also certainly never said that the women in Barrymore's movies were "cartoonish caricatures."

Additionally, Barrymore said in an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" last month that she's "excited" for Banks and everyone else involved in the Charlie's Angels reboot. "Because every generation that brings Charlie's Angels out into the world is about the power of three women and what they can do," said the actress. "And it's so positive. So if they keep that alive in this new iteration, it's just going to be great," she added. A source close to the actress also confirmed to Gossip Cop that she has no issue with the reboot.

Conclusion: OK! claims Barrymore and Banks are at odds over the Charlie's Angels reboot, but the explanation behind the supposed rift is made-up. Banks said in an interview that she was drawn to the project because the franchise celebrates female empowerment, and she also hopes to "honor the legacy" of the franchise. Clearly, the actress is a fan of both the TV series and first two films. Meanwhile, Barrymore plainly stated in an interview last month that she's looking forward to Banks' movie and loves the idea of a Charlie's Angels for "every generation." The tabloid's premise is provably untrue on every level.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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