“Drake’s Beef” ‘SNL’ Video – Watch Rapper Get Angry On “Saturday Night Live”

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Drakes Beef SNL

By Michael Lewittes |


Drake gets in a beef with “SNL” cast members over essentially meaningless things in a new music on the comedy show. Everything from cracking a joke and not answering “what’s up” to borrowing a chair and taking a water bottle from him sets Drake off. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below called “Drake’s Beef.”

It starts off with Drake telling Pete Davidson that his TV doesn’t work, prompting the “SNL” cast member to say, “Usually, you get the remote and press ‘on,'” before questioning, “You don’t have TVs in Canada?” That sets Drake off into launching a rap that begins, “F**k you, Pete. You made a fool out me. I used to trust you dog, now you’re embarrassing me.” Drake continues, “We used to be best friends, now we foes for life.”

After that, Drake passes Leslie Jones in the hallway and asks, “What’s up, Leslie?” When she responds that she was distracted, Drake has a beef with her too, rapping, “What did I do to you. You used to be my best friend, now I never trust you.” He further raps that her response of “Huh” was “whack,” because “most people I know would have said ‘hi’ back.”

Next, Aidy Bryant asks if a seat next to him is free, and then takes his hat off the chair to sit in it. Naturally, now Drake has a beef with Bryant, and raps about how angry he is with her for moving his hat. His ire continues when a cleaning lady takes away his nearly empty water bottle. Not even nice words from “SNL” executive producer Lorne Michael’s can do anything about Drake’s beef. When Michaels tells him “Good job,” Drake raps, “I’m doing great, you bitch!’

The last time Drake hosted “SNL” in 2014, he also appeared in a music video called “Resolution Revolution.” That video, which also starred Sasheer Zamata, Jay Pharoah, and Taran Killam, mocked New Year’s resolutions such as giving up alcohol, junk food, and sex dolls.

Check out the “Saturday Night Live” video “Drake’s Beef” below.


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