Drake NOT Writing Song About Rihanna With Taylor Swift, Despite Report

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Drake Song Rihanna Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

Drake Song Rihanna Taylor Swift

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Drake is not writing a song about Rihanna with Taylor Swift, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

The allegation can be found in Wednesday’s new edition of In Touch, under the headline, “Drake’s Revenge On Rihanna.” The story begins, “Someone’s bitter. Drake is teaming up with Taylor Swift to record a song about his failed romance with Rihanna.”

“There will definitely be some digs at her,” a so-called “insider” claims. “Drake’s still devastated by his breakup from Rihanna and is hoping that this will get under her skin… It’s Taylor and Drake vs. Rihanna.” In fact, the magazine notes, “Taylor’s getting something out of the collaboration, too.”

Says the alleged tipster, “She’s hoping the song is a major hit — bigger than Calvin Harris’ song with Rihanna. She wants to get back at Calvin and show him and Rihanna who is boss in this industry.” Noticeably missing from this piece is the fact that Swift wrote that song, “This Is What You Came For,” and is happy for its success.

Also missing is, well, the truth. Asked about the claim Drake and Swift are writing a song about Rihanna, a source close to the rapper exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “This is completely untrue.” Maybe In Touch was misinformed by the same “insider” who last month said Swift was dating Ben Affleck. Talk about being out of touch!

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Drake and Taylor Swift are writing a song about Rihanna.


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